Inspect Your New Home While It's Still Under Warranty

Turn to us for home inspection services in the Triangle Area

Have you bought a new home in the area within the last year? Your warranty may be about to expire. Most homebuilders offer a one-year guarantee on their newly built homes. Call Knight Home Inspections LLC right away, and we can conduct a home warranty inspection to check for structural or mechanical defects in your new home.

Don't wait until your warranty expires-call 919-601-4315 today to schedule home inspection services.

How does a home warranty inspection work?

How does a home warranty inspection work?

A home warranty inspection is similar to a regular home inspection, although a home inspector focuses more on finding cosmetic issues. Here's what you can expect when you choose Knight Home Inspections for home inspection services:

  • We'll check your new home for cosmetic and structural defects.
  • We'll let you know what you should repair or replace right away.
  • We'll give you leverage to speak to the homebuilder about covering your repairs.

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