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Homeowners in Rolesville & Raleigh, NC and the surrounding Triangle area turn to Knight Home Inspections LLC to check for termite damage, high levels of radon and structural defects. You should, too, if you want an expert to inspect your home. We'll not only examine your house from the foundation to the roof, but we can also conduct a termite inspection and do radon testing for added peace of mind.

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What's included in your home inspection?

What's included in your home inspection?

When you choose Knight Home Inspections, you can depend on an experienced home inspector to find mechanical or structural defects:

  • Around your property: Roof | Siding | Exterior doors and windows | Driveway | Walkways | Garage | Deck, porch or patio | Chimney
  • Inside your house: Fireplace | Interior doors, walls and windows | Floors | Ceilings | Stairs | Foundation | Crawl space | Attic | Basement
  • Within your walls: Plumbing, ventilation, HVAC and electrical systems| Insulation

If you're concerned about termite damage or high levels of radon in your home, you can get a termite inspection or radon testing, as well. Call 919-601-4315 today to schedule home inspection services at your home.