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A crumbling foundation, plumbing defects or faulty electrical wiring in a house can make any homebuyer think twice about going through with the purchase. Whether you're the homebuyer or the seller in that scenario, Knight Home Inspections LLC can give you peace of mind. We'll conduct a thorough home inspection before you list or purchase a home in Rolesville & Raleigh, NC or the surrounding Triangle area. That way, you won't be surprised later.

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Home Inspection

Breathe easy knowing that your home inspection will be thorough.

11-Month Warranty Inspections

Call a home inspector in Rolesville & Raleigh, NC today to find out if you can make repairs or replacements under your home warranty.

Pre-Listing/Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before you buy or sell your home, schedule a home inspection to give yourself leverage during closing.

New Construction Inspection

Learn why it's so important to inspect your new home before moving in.

Our experience speaks for itself

Mel Knight, our owner, relies on decades of real estate experience when inspecting his clients' homes. As a licensed architect for over 35 years, he knows where to look for defects and signs of wear in all kinds of houses. As a real estate broker, he saw firsthand how a home inspection report could make or break a home purchase or sale.

Mel Knight formed Knight Home Inspections three years ago to provide thorough home inspection services to homeowners in the Triangle area. See what he can do for you. Call 919-601-4315 today to speak with an experienced home inspector from Rolesville & Raleigh, NC.

When should you hire a home inspector?

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When you choose us, you'll get the knowledge you need to make the best decisions about your home. Call us today at 919-601-4315 to schedule a home inspection.


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